Lego journal (Coptic bounding) - tutorial by Brooklyntonia on Instructables.

follow link for the detailed tutorial


Skogsrå Notebook

Handmade notebook with dyed lamb leather cover and a black leather braid fastening. The about 120 off white pages are perfect for writing, sketching, wet media or scrap booking.

Width: 12 cm

Height: 16 cm

This one of a kind book can’t wait to find a new owner to fill its empty pages ♥


Yeni / New ! 

Havuç Defter / Carrot Notebook On Etsy

Hi! I'm still a little new to bookbinding as a hobby/possible career. any tips to give someone whos just starting off?


Hi there! Thanks for sending me your question. :) 

I will say, it’s a huge question with tons of possible answers, especially depending on your skills and goals. Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Make books as often as you can to practice and improve your skills—take classes, use tutorials, just keep doing it.
  • Be willing to experiment—try out different forms and materials just to see if they work. Some won’t, but some will be awesome. 
  • Get comfortable with starting small—it will take you awhile to build your skills and your business.
  • Find good venues and ways to promote yourself and your work. 
  • Give good customer service. 
  • Charge prices that are fair to you and your customers.
  • Seek out other book artists and binders (Tumblr is awesome for that) to trade ideas and troubleshoot with. 

Those are pretty broad ideas, but I hope that they help some. I’ll also throw this out to the other book-y folks on Tumblr—anyone have advice for a bookbinder starting out?

P.S. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 


Submission by Maria Madalena Ribeiro.

Submission by Maria Madalena Ribeiro.

How to Bind Single Sheets by SeaLemon.


So, at the request of the lovely pondweed, I’m in the progress of creating a photo essay (not quite tutorial) on the process of creating and casing in a hard cover book. This is part 1. I’m not sure how many parts there will be. Fewer than 5, I hope. 

Binding a French Groove Book. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Appendix (video)

Step the first: Raid your stash! Find all the amazing papers and cloth you’ve been collecting and pick a few. Maximize the awesomeness of color/texture/pattern/style mixing. 

Step the second: Prep your text block. You gotta fold your signatures and then sew those puppies up. In this example, I’m using a french link style. After you sew, you’ve gotta press and glue. (And later on, we’ll reinforce and do headbands and stuff. But first, that’s in the press). 

Step the third: Cut your boards. You’ll need a front cover, a back cover, and a spine board. 

Want even MOAR detail on the steps I took? Check out the full album (since it was too many photos to upload here) with lots o’ fun captions. I’ll be adding more pics there and here as I finish up the book. 

I hope you enjoy this book-y madness! 

Hi,I want you to know your blog is really awesome and it really inspired me to make my own journals and it's been an amazing and fun thing to do,thank you for the inspiration.

You’re really welcome! And thank you.

Wrapped books made from soldered computer and radio components by Leonardo Ulian.


Portakal Defter / Orange Notebook on Etsy


The baby book for my soon to be nephew is finished! I’m super satisfied with it, hope you guys like it too. 

Have you guys come across some good bookbinding tutorials lately?

This is a Bradel journal. The spine is made of leather and the covers are handmade paper. The endpapers are marbled paper I made some time ago. 
Check it out here. 


This is a Bradel journal. The spine is made of leather and the covers are handmade paper. The endpapers are marbled paper I made some time ago. 

Check it out here

Journal for Todd by Dennis Yuan.

Bookcloth, Davey bookboard, Deco paper, letter-sized lined paper, ribbon, linen threads.
Tacket binding, 118x145x28mm.